Discover the new Ad For Good® TV format launched by M6 Publicité and Café Royal

Discover the new Ad For Good® TV format launched by M6 Publicité and Café Royal

Café Royal, and its agency Sponso TV, is introducing S6lidaire certified by the Ad For Good® label, M6 Publicité's new responsible advertising format, from March 25 to April 11, 2021 on M6, W9, 6ter, Paris Première and Téva.

S6lidaire allows advertisers to communicate with the general public about their commitments to an association of their choice. Through this format, set up in partnership with Boon Today, Café Royal has chosen to support the GoodPlanet Foundation by committing to donate a portion of its TV budget invested with M6 Publicité.

The Café Royal spot broadcast on the M6 group channels is integrated in a dedicated package produced by the M6 Unlimited teams. An on-screen message will indicate to the viewer that by watching the entire spot, he/she will be supporting Café Royal in its solidarity approach.

With Ad For Good®, the first non-profit societal and environmental impact label dedicated to advertising, this transparent and ethical system allows a direct relationship, without intermediary and without commission, between the advertiser and the association.

84% of French people expect brands to communicate more about their responsible practices and approaches* By communicating on the M6 group's channels, the advertiser benefits from a powerful and impactful broadcasting environment. It enhances its commitment to the general public and strengthens its image as a committed brand and the confidence of its consumers.

Aline Veillerette, Marketing Communication Manager, Café Royal: "This year we wanted to reflect our solidarity approach, which is an integral part of our DNA, in our media coverage. We are very happy to be associated with M6 Publicité and Boon Today in this approach. The choice of the GoodPlanet Foundation was made on the basis of shared commitments: environmental and solidarity projects in the field, raising awareness of environmental protection, and supporting companies in their eco-responsible approach.

Shaï Douillet, CEO of Boon Today: "Making advertising concretely more conscious and responsible is often a real headache for brands and media alike. Simplifying this process, so that it becomes an advertising standard, can only be done with resolutely committed partners. A big thank you to the M6 Group and Café Royal for integrating the Boon.Today platform at the heart of the launch of the first Ad For Good®️ labeled TV campaign, thereby supporting the environmental projects of the GoodPlanet Foundation."

David Larramendy, Managing Director of M6 Publicité: "We are proud to inaugurate this S6lidary offer with Café Royal. It paves the way for advertisers to make a concrete and transparent commitment, allowing them to take action to contribute to a more sustainable society."

*M6 Publicité, Time for responsible brands 2021 study.

Source: M6 Publicité

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