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We power Marketers, Media Sales Teams and Advertising Agencies to connect their campaigns easily to social or environmental projects seeking funding through our cutting-edge micro-donation technology

Discover how to implement your own responsible advertising strategy with us
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Engage with purpose

Your clients can finally take a stand with their advertising campaigns. Use our Ad For Good® contributing technology to support social and environmental projects via your advertising campaigns (OOH, TV, Digital, Influencers, Retail, Event, Print...)

Unlimited causes to support

Explore hundreds of social and environmental projects ready to be funded with your next advertising campaign.

No app to download

Boon.Today frictionless technology allows the end user to engage with advertising, with no apps to download or registration required.

Awesome user experience

Each online interaction by your audience adds up in micro-donations for the project selected.

Easy to connect, simple to impact

Save time by connecting your ads to NGOs seeking funding in a minute.

One technology for every possibility

Thanks to our cutting-edge contributing technology, Boon.Today can be applied on any online or offline ad campaign. Check out all the possibilities available below.


Hundreds of projects and nonprofits to support

No precise Idea of project to support? No worries! Boon.Today has you covered with hundreds of meaningful projects and awesome nonprofits to support. All of this is available with just one click!

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Get your ads labeled Ad For Good®.

Enjoy automatically (if approved) the benefit of the Ad For Good label by using Boon.Today technology and giving back 1% of the media budget to the selected cause. The Ad For Good® label, created in 2018, is the first label of social and environmental impact dedicated to the advertising industry.


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