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Engage your audience with the first conscious advertising infrastructure that connects your campaigns with social and environmental projects in one click.

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The Boon.Today concept explained in less than 1min

Engage with purpose

Use our micro-donation technology to support social and environmental projects via your advertising campaigns (OOH, TV, Digital, Influencers, Retail, Event, Print...)

Your responsible campaign in minutes

No need to upset the schedules of your teams, your advertising campaigns become conscious and responsible in a few clicks.

Projects that make sense whatever your audience

Choose from an unlimited number of social and environmental projects to support and deliver a message that is meaningful to your audience.

No download and no registration

Put no limits on your users' engagement with Boon.Today's frictionless technology.

Concrete actions in real time

Each online interaction of your audience results in a micro-donation to the project you support.
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A unique technology suitable for all advertising media

No matter where your audience is, Boon.Today offers a 360 ° responsible advertising solution for your media buying strategy. Online or offline, give your users a unique and engaging experience.


Don't advertise, solve issues

Reinforce the impact of your advertising by supporting causes already present in your CSR strategy. Discover the tailored causes that we have selected for you.


Old school ad hacks people brain. Ad For Good® hacks people problems.

Automatically enjoy (if approved) the benefit of the Ad For Good label by using Boon.Today technology and give back 1% of the media budget to the selected cause. The Ad For Good® label, created in 2018, is the first social and environmental impact label dedicated to the advertising industry.


Great advertising comes with great responsibility 😇

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